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Other Magnetic SeparatorsMagnetic Pulleys and Drums with Neodymium and Ferrite permanent magnets


Installed out of conveyor or vibrating feeder, magnetic drum separator continuously and automatically separates ferrous metal from inert material.

Magnetic drum's advantage and versatility lies in its capacity to catch both big and very small ferrous metal pieces, even slightly magnetic. Magnetic drum can be employed to separate ferrous metals from municipal waste, wood, incinerator bottom ash, e-waste, and for other materials recycling applications.

Magnetic drum can be used in combination with Overband magnetic separator when material depth is high on the conveyor. This combination assures a purer separation.


Installed in a head of conveyor, magnetic pulley attracts ferrous metal and automatically separates it from inert material stream.

Suitable for medium- to small-sized ferrous metal separation from low material depth. Can be employed to separate ferrous metals from: municipal waste, wood, glass, plastic, grinded residues, e-waste, and for other material recycling applications.

Cogelme manufactures different sizes of magnetic pulleys with high powerful neodymium magnets and with the ferrite ones.

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